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3 Phase Panel Mounted CT Operated Meter

3 Phase Panel Mounted CT Operated Meter

Multifunction Power Meter Smart X825

The X825 is a 96x96mm flush mounting multifunction power meter. It has a back lit high definition display and comes standard with THD for current and voltage. It also comes complete with two digital inputs which can be used as accumulating pulse count inputs or as digital status. This compact design is user friendly easy to program. This meter has been tested and certified by a UK laborartory and conforms to the following standards: EN61000-6-3:2007, EN61000-6-1:2007 and EN61010-1:2010 (EMS and LVD)

  • 96x96mm Panel Mounted
  • Depth from the panel 55mm
  • -/1A or -/5A CT Operated
  • Single phase or three phase networds
  • 2 Digital Inputs
  • Dual pulsed output (1 for active and 1 for reactive energy)
  • Plug in terminals
  • Includes the following parameters: Current, Neutral Current, Ph-Ph & Ph-N Voltage (min/max current & voltage), Frequency, Power Factor, Active Power, Re-Active Power, Active Energy (kWh), Re-active Energy (Kvarh), Max Demand, Peak Demand, THD (2nd-60th).
  • Class 1 kWh (EN62053-21)
  • Class 0.5 kW & kVA (IEC 60688)
  • Class 0.2 Amps/Volts (IEC 60688)
  • Class 0.5 Neutral Current (IEC 60688)


1 Year

Height:96mm Width:96mm Depth:55mm

Meter Data Sheet
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Wiring Instructions for a 3 Phase CT Operated Meter
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