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FAQ Timers

1. What can your timers be used for?

Timers can be used to charge for time for a whole range of applications. Typically they are used for snooker lights, showers, washing machines and tumble dryers and with appliances such as irons and hairdryers.  Timers can also be used as a method of prepayment for heating systems, for example in village halls

3. What are your timers made of?

Plastic case or metal case. The plastic case are suitable for semi-supervised situations, whereas the metal case are suitable for situations which require more security.

4. I want to charge for a washing machine, what timer do I need?

A 30 amp rated timer, either plastic or metal case.  We need to know what coinage you want to use and how long you want the timing cycle to last eg if charging for a cooler, quicker wash cycle, then the end user can put in more money for a longer period of time if they want to do a longer, hotter wash.  All washing machines vary in their time cycles so you need to know how long the cycle lasts that you wish to charge for.

See answers to questions 6 and 7 below

12. Can I put more than one coin at a time into my timer?

Yes, once the timing cycle for the first coin has finished the next coin will drop down and start the next timing cycle.  So, if for example, you had a timer set to work with 20p for 10 minutes, if you inserted 2 x 20p you would get 20 minutes